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Journey to Utopia-ProfAdmBacon Journey to Utopia-ProfAdmBacon

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good song overall i must say

This is just a personal say but i think you backed off a little too much at 1:40 to 1:53. if you got rid of that bland section of nothing but bass and beat i feel it would have transitioned a little smoother. And i must agree with aurolee, the climax is excellent. Keep up the good work!


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Dance Dance Revo MegaMix Dance Dance Revo MegaMix

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Definitely an excellent remix. Although i could never name all of them, i did hear a few songs i could place. Keep up the good work, I don't really have any suggestions other than at around 2:40 the song speed up and it sounded i guess, can't really explain it. But anyway its still a great remix.


danyool777 responds:

Thanks for the review.
I'm sorta a fan of tempo changes midsong, it's one of my favorite things in a song.
But I was able to see what you mean.
I also tried to stick to the original tempo from the original tracks so that may also be why.
Glad you liked it <3